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Educating Young India for more than 2 Decades

Our Founder and Chairman Prof.R.V. Dhanapalan was a Senior Professor, renowned constitutional Law expert, a successful Lawyer, a leading Educationist, Advisor to the Governor on University education and Special Officer who formed and inaugurated the first Law University of India, Dr.Ambedkar Law university.

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Our Vision and Mission


Our vision is to build this college into a strong temple of learning on par with universities of excellence in learning and research and to serve as one of the best colleges of the world and to serve the humanity for all times to come.


Our mission is to provide education for life rather than providing isolated specialization. With this mission in mind, making this institution a laboratory of philosophy to achieve social efficiency and impregnating the students with a sense of ethics tempered with erudition and inculcating in them the cultural values, thus shaping them into citizens.

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