The college has a dynamic, active and vibrant alumni association. The Alumni Association provides a platform for sharing your intellectual, cultural, career and professional experiences not just with the present students but also with other alumni. Our goal is to promote strong connections and help to provide opportunities for sharing knowledge, voluntary service, social interaction and philanthropy.

Meetings are held periodically to discuss about the development of the college and the welfare of the students.

The purpose of the Alumni Association can be enunciated as follows,

A meeting point to share knowledge, experiences, views and opportunities.
Provide faculty members with one of the many windows to the outside world, help
      network with industry, supplement their teaching resources with guestlectures,
      seminars and to help in collaborative research efforts between industry and faculty.

 Provide leadership as mentors & role-models, promote project & placement
      opportunities and encourage excellence through sponsorship of prizes and awards.
Contribute towards social causes and building infrastructure.

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